Welcome to HighIQ’s documentation!

This is a package for processing radar and lidar autocorrelation function (ACF) data using NVIDIA GPUs. This was built with the intent to be ran on CUDA-compatible computers, such as Argonne National Laboratory’s Waggle nodes. Therefore, much radar processing can be done live with the ability to create an initial processed product (i.e. NOAA’s Level 2 or ARM’s b1) on any computer with a CUDA-compatible device.

This toolkit is based around the Atmospheric Community Toolkit which uses xarray as its data model. ACT is a toolkit that supports analysis and visualization of the data that is produced by HighIQ. The built in I/O module supports Atmospheric Radiation Measurement’s Doppler lidar autocorrelation function files (dlacf.a0). This product derives intensity, doppler velocity, spectral width, skewness, and kurtosis from raw lidar signals.

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