Open Source Weather Radar Software Course

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ERAD 2018 Short Course on Community Radar Software

The course will take place on July 1st 2018, right before the ERAD 2018 conference. We will introduce the participants to community software packages designed for radar data processing, including (but not limited to) BALTRAD, Py-ART, and wradlib.

The common ground for most of those tools is Python, so we’ll feature a quick intro to the Python programming language, and endow participants with the basics of how to contribute to community software. For the course, we will provide a platform-independent virtual machine that contains all the required software, data, and course materials.


You need to register for the short course here. The course fee is 75 EUR (coffee, lunch, room). Beware that the maximum number of participants is limited to 30.

List of tutors

Things you need to prepare

Participants need to bring their own 64-bit notebook (Linux, Windows, Mac). All you need to do is to install VirtualBox and import the Virtual Machine for the course. Please see here for general instructions, and here for an overview specific to this course.

Course program