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Hail Retrievals for the Open Source Community

Hail is a global hazard, with damage to property, vehicles and agriculture resulting in billions of dollars in losses every year. This has motivated decades of research into estimating the size and intensity of hail from weather radar, and now numerous algorithms exist that work on operational weather radar datasets. PyHail represents a single library where many of these retrievals are available to enable rapid integration into existing Py-ART projects.

Hail retrievals provide an estimate of hail severity, including maximum dimension, accumulation depth and kinetic energy. These estimates can be used to:

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PyScanCf – The Open Source Python based Library for Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Doppler Weather Radar Datasets. This package provides a Python framework for working with single sweep radar data, from which sophisticated workflows can be constructed and used as input to Python based open-source softwares for processing radar data like as Py-ART, and Wradlib.

PyScanCf sample image

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