Giving Open Radar Science a New Look#

It is time that the Open Radar Science community move to a new look for our landing page! We have updated our infrastructure to make it easier to view, contribute, and collaborate with our community.

This move was motivated from conversations and discussions at the 11th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology, which was held in Locarno, Switzerland.

Why Sphinx?#

The reason for moving to a sphinx-based infrastructure (a common tool when building documentation for our packages) is to make it easier to:

  • Build the webpage in a single repository

  • Make it easier to contribute using markdown or Jupyter noteooks

  • Provide a more robust theme which supports desktop and mobile browsers

We appreciate the theme from the Pydata community. If you are interested in learning more about this theme, make sure to check out their documentation:


We look forward to continuing to improve this website and are interested in any feedback people might have! Feel free to let us know of any suggestions or issues you run into. We hope this continues to serve as a means to bring our community together!