Quick Description#

BALTRAD offers software for exchanging weather radar data in real time, and processing data using a common “toolbox” of algorithms. The data exchange functionality can be used stand-alone, as can the toolbox. While the focus is on creating an operational system, the design is also intended to help bridge the gap between research and operational communities.


Sample Image#

baltrad sample image

Code Repository#

Software Documentation#

User group or forum page#!forum/baltrad

License model#

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Year of first release#


Main programming laguage(s)#

C, Java, Python

Supported platforms#

Linux, Mac

Type of software#

Application & API

Further details#



Michelson, D., Henja, A., Ernes, S., Haase, G., Koistinen, J., Ośródka, K., Peltonen, T., Szewczykowski, M., and Szturc, J., (2018). BALTRAD Advanced Weather Radar Networking. Journal of Open Research Software. 6(1), p. 12. DOI: