Py-ART Tutorial

This is an overview of Py-ART, in 45 minutes!

Py-ART Basics and Gridding

The foundational content includes the:

  • Py-ART Basics - an overview of Py-ART package, how to read in data, and basic plotting functionality

  • Py-ART Gridding - how to utilize the gridding tools in Py-ART

If you are new to Py-ART, starting with the basics is a good place to start, and is required to know before moving onto Py-ART Gridding.

Py-ART Corrections and Calculations

Once learning the basics, we jump into applying filtering, corrections, and analyzing wind data, focusing on:

  • Filtering and retrievals on raw Swiss C-band data

  • Processing of Doppler wind data from a Swiss volumetric scan

These notebooks also come with an exercise, where you can apply the lessons learned from the basics and workflows to complete a set of tasks!